SMS Smart Agents


The helps with automating SMS communication to enable your organization to have smart, automated conversations with your customers. The pre-built agent personalities allow you to set up the mobile number for use within no time. There are pre-built agents to take appointments, provide information, manage visitors and the like. This way, your organization is prompt to attend to your customers, reduce unnecessary phone calls and reduce footfall to your reception/enquiry centre. In this blog, we will describe the Smart Agent for multi-speciality healthcare organization that is programmed to manage patient appointments, remind them of pending visits and that takes feedback.

Smart Agent for multi-speciality healthcare organization

The Smart Agent designed for Multi-speciality Healthcare Organization specializes in guiding customers looking for an appointment for a particular ailment. The customers can query status/cancel or change their appointments just by using SMS. The Healthcare Agent automatically reminds the customer of his pending appointment a few hours before the time. Once the patient has visited the hospital, the Smart Agent will automatically ask for feedback. The captured feedback is available on the dashboard for further analysis. The SmartAgent will also remind the user of future visits if configured, automatically. Configuring an Agent requires customizing the messages, adding specialities and doctors per speciality. The plan drives how the Agent decides the next steps for the customer conversation. The intention, along with the context of user conversation, helps in guiding the user towards the doctor like a real person is doing it.

The SMS Agent system can be extended to send digital reports to people who may want the convenience of having medical-reports on their mobile devices. The phone number acts as a secure token to identify a person in the digital system. The minify URL tool that is available will shorten the reports URL so that they are conveniently embedded in the SMS.

The following live SMS number demonstrates the power of having automated conversations with your customers.

SMS @+917288801233 for DEMO appointment with SO Hospital

We provide pre-built agent personalities that are customizable and make the SMS number operational in no time.

Following are sample screenshot of how you can customize message and get started.

Captured data is sanitized and is readily availble from the console as shown below.

The SIM hosting can be done in the organization premises or they can be hosted at our datacenter. Get in touch with us at for more information.