SMS Smart Agent for Visitor Management


The Smart agent for visitor management, facilitates use of SMS to arrange and approve visitors. The visitor thus need not install any mobile app, including the one that is being used by the community that he is visting. In fact the visitor facilitating apps can integrate with tech to convenience the vistors.

Following are sample screenshot of how you can assign visitor manager personality to your smartbot.

Smart Agent for Visitor Management

The visit request is checked against the list of residents using fuzzy matching. A matched request will result in a SMS being sent to the number listed for the matced resident. The approval is recorded (optionally forwarded to the doorman if he is present).

Following is the config screenshot for the visitor chatbot. Here you provide the residents information.

The following live SMS number demonstrates the power of having automated conversations with your customers.

SMS @+917288801237 for visitor management demo

We provide pre-built agent personalities that are customizable and make the SMS number operational in no time.

Following are sample screenshot of how you can customize pre-defined messages.

Sample screenshot of adding residents information.

The SIM hosting can be done in the organization premises or they can be hosted at our datacenter. Get in touch with us at for more information.

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