responsive html5 apps for mobile

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Create responsive Apps online. Publish using QR-code. Share and collect information. Authenticate users via OTP. Free your Apps from Appstore. Run your business on Smartphones. Do more, do it better.

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How it works

Build and host data driven responsive mobile apps using online tools.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

QR-Code Trigger

The customer scans the QR code that is visible to him in your premises like reception or over the counter. (Or a shortened URL emailed to him)

responsive html5 apps for mobile

App activation

Scanning the QR-code from the smartphone activates the App. The customer makes selections and fills in information that the business needs.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

QR-Code badge

The customer can display a QR-code badge from his mobile phone using the App. This badge enables the company representative, using the Scanner App, to get access to the customer information instantly.

responsive html5 apps for mobile

Scanner App

The scanner App allows company representative to comment on the information or archive the information. These comments are visible to the customer as in-App messages.

Build diner trust & confidence by providing a safe dining experience. Free QR-code menu design with QR-code stand till 25 Sept 2020 !

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